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To select a VA, you can either search for a specific skill using the ‘VA by
page or if you prefer a local VA, you can search by County using the VA by
page. Every VA in our directory has an active web site, so you will be able to view their
services and
credentials. Please note that we are not affiliated in any way with the VAs listed on our site and we
take no
responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any of their services. There are no charges for this

What is a VA (Virtual Assistant)?

A VA is your partner in business. VAs work from their own offices, sometimes
but not always in their home. Many
of them are highly skilled individuals who are adept at using the Internet and can offer almost all the
support services you would expect to find in a large multinational organisation. They can offer you a
variety of
skills, from Archiving documents to installing ZoneAlarm firewalls and all the other tasks in between.
Please use
our search pages to find the skilled help you need. VAs can take the strain, while you make the


VAs listed on the directory can offer a huge variety of business support
services. These range from
‘straightforward’ secretarial services such as databases, spreadsheets, mailshots, PowerPoint
presentations and word processing
to full blown office
support which includes telephone
, email
and virtual
office management
services, as well as experienced legal and medical
secretaries. We also have businesses listed that specialise in editing and
writing services
, as well as audio
, desktop
and bookkeeping.
specialist services include translation,
and submission
services, as well as marketing, event
, research
and project
. Please use the
navigation menu to find a particular service on the Services page and
a location on the Counties


If you are an experienced VA with a website presence and would like to be included in our
please click here, and forward
a fully completed request to Our Help Desk and we will contact
you. There are no charges for this service.
If you do not have a website, please go to our Website
Design page

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