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Virtual Bookkeeping

What is a Virtual Bookkeeper? Have you got the skills or are you willing to get the skills to make you a much wanted Professional who can work from home?

How can an accountant or bookkeeper help you with your business or private finances in these difficult times? The first thing that they will do is ask you a lot of questions about your finances. There is no point in appointing someone to look after your finances if you have no idea what your financial situation is and weather you will still be in business in 3 months. Immediately you start working with a professional your company will have more chance of succeeding and your private finances will be safer as you will be encouraged not to overstretch yourself. You may want a new larger house but if you cannot even afford decent financial advice for your business there is no point.

Financial Planning

This is not just what is coming in and what you are spending, this is an evaluation of how you can plan to pay as little tax as is possible, to make your margins as big as possible and at the same time planning for the future and safeguarding your family and home.

A good bookkeeper will have advice and check sheets on what you should be doing and pointing you towards a more qualified person if and when they get out of their depth. This is the part that can really save you money as you only pay for highly skilled professionals when you need them and not for the mundane tasks.

Business and Personal Financial Advice.

Many people think that they are well able to cope with their own financial affairs but so many get caught up in mortgage arrears, huge credit card bills and simply running out of money before running out of month. With the right advice you personal life can be so much easier, not only taking a load off your shoulders but allowing you to concentrate on your business and not worry about what bills will be dropping onto your desk. Operate your home finances as you would your business ones. You are the expert in your field, let a bookkeeper take over your finances and be an expert in theirs.

Saving YOU Money

Virtual Bookkeepers charge affordable rates rather than high priced accountancy fees. You can decide at what level you want them to work with you. Will you be delivering your information in a plastic bag or will you spend some of your time sorting it out? If you are the earner in your business you will be well advised to use a Virtual Assistant to organise your affairs.

Having your accounts completed on a monthly basis will let you know immediately if you have any problems that need urgent attention or if new opportunities come your way.

You can be sure that nothing is missed and that you are not heading for an unseen financial disaster. Where payment is overdue from clients, using a third party to follow up on invoices and statements looks far more professional and you are likely to get your invoices paid faster with less hassle and grief for you. You will also know earlier who is not paying and make sure you do not do any further work which could be wasted if the client’s business goes down.

Save money by investing in a Virtual Worker who will save you money and time and let you get on with your own work – which is that of making money for your business.

© Author Di Chapman 2013