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Committed to increasing awareness of virtual assistance in the UK

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AUKVA - what we are:

  • Free Directory of established VAs
  • Free Resource site for VAs and their clients
  • Committed to increasing awareness of VAs in the UK

AUKVA - what we are not:

  • Directory of start-up VAs
  • Directory of part-time workers
  • Support group for start-up VAs - if you are new to the industry or interested in becoming a VA, please go to Become a Virtual Assistant

Joining, Please ensure that you read ALL the instructions below before submitting your application, incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Because of the size of the current directory, it takes on average 28 days for a submission to be assessed and then the required updates to the on-line directory are made on a monthly basis. It can therefore take 2 months for inclusion in the directory once the submission is agreed. Due to the fact that the site is updated on a voluntary basis, mails asking for confirmation of receipt of joining request or status of request will be ignored until a decision is made.

The Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants is offering a free directory listing to a limited number of UK based Virtual Assistants.  There is no money involved, as our work is voluntary and committed to raising awareness of VAs in the UK.  Our list is currently very large and we reserve the right to restrict numbers to allow us to keep the list manageable.

However, we will only accept applications from established Virtual Assistants who are already established in full time business for a minimum period of time AND have a website. We must also insist that the website is of a professional standard, covering several pages and not just a one page listed on a 'freebie' site or pages covered in banner advertising, We expect our applicants to have been trading on the Internet as a VA for at least a year. 

If you are interested in being listed then the one stipulation we make is that you place the 'Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants' logo on your site and maintain an active link to this website.

Please download the Word document which is Zipped and return it to using the subject line AUKVA logo

Jo Johnston
Irene Boston
Di Chapman